• In retrospect 15 years ago, we have 3 * 10 years old boy, 1* 5 years old girl and a 13 month baby girl to our founders' family, and 150 Leader brand machines all over the world...


R & D

Leader Precision Machinery was founded in year of 2003 with 4 young man whose average age was all under 30. Each founder has skills in different field, namely, machine sales, assembly, application and design. The first product of Leader precision is 18" aluminum sawing machine. After years of industrial observation and thanks for the well design and assemble skills of our founders, we started a new product line to produce moving column vertical machining center for long workpieces.



In year of 2008, Leader introduced first machine model to our domestic market in Taiwan, which is TPB3 with X travel from 2500mm to 9500 mm. TPB3 equipped with 10000rpm belt spindle and the target audience is those end-users who purchased sawing machine from us before. They were mainly grille and aluminum window makers. The first model was designed with BT#30 tapper and applicated in aluminum window pieces. We had great feedback from our end-users. In addition, the design concept our TPB is not only for aluminum parts, it could be also applicated in metal works (with BT#40 tapper).


Thanks for great support from our domestic end-users, Leader decided to develop our foreign market with TPB series, our target foreign market place was mainland China and Asia market for the less time consumption of traveling for visiting Taiwan and less language barriers. As we our TPB have been applicated in many workpiece in different ways and materials, we had recruited foreign agents from Shanghai China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand and export machine to the local users.


2012 was a very busy year for Leader. We received a heavy loading machine order from DMS Makina in Turkey, our design team started to work on our heavy loading machine series, RTB (with Y axis 510mm) and RH (with Y axis 600mm). We also complete CE certification from SGS this year and reviewed all our diagrams and manual in English. Our first RTB machine was also presented in Turkish exhibition in 2012.


The first RTB machine exported to Swaziland and the 100th Leader made machine had been delivered to domestic end-user. This year we adopted ERP (Enterprise Resource Plan) to our daily work in order to have better control of the casting items, parts and speed up the daily assembling work. New model FLB is launched to market.


Thanks far-seeing thought for adopting ERP system into our routing work, we can now delivery our FLB and TPB (X axis transmission with rack) in 90 days, and with ball screw transmission on X axis, now the delivery will be 120 days. We also developed CB series which install with direct drive spindle with 5.5-7.5 kw spindle motor for aluminum/steel and metal products that applicated in high accuracy workpieces that applicated in aerospace and wrought aluminum.


In retrospect 15 years ago, we have 3 * 10 years old boy, 1* 5 years old girl and a 13 month baby girl to our founders' family, and 150 Leader brand machines all over the world. We raise up babies and family with reliable machines and as well as our end-users. In the coming years, we will keep following on and produce machines that make end-user’s work smoother.


5 Axis machine coming….




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